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HTML5 – A Look Into The Future

How is HTML5 going to change your future ? This is a pertinent question for all the web surfers of the world, and one they should begin thinking about. Taking a good look at the future, hang on while HTML5 is explained in a nutshell.




HTML5 is a strange name that most may just ignore because of the technical nature of it. They are not aware of the first standards of HTML, so this one is the same. It simply represents the next standard of web page code. HTML is the language behind every web page on the planet, and this is level “5″, the most modern one. Now that you know about the background, what exactly is it going to do for you, the web surfer ? Believe it or not, pretty much everything.




Right now, the web has been undergoing a large change from being something that happens in the bedroom, office or living room, to something that happens on the bus, on the way to work, or even in the air ( on an airplane ). Going from a box the size of a sink to a device that fits in the pocket was a great advancment. This is where you will be touched. The current trend is moving rapidly towards the deployment of smartphones. More than likely if you are young and female, and from the United States, you want one. About five years ago, no one had heard of one.




Despite the internet being able to do a lot more than just three things, nevertheless just three things are usually happening on the web. They are social networking, email, and playing games. HTML5 is going to touch all three areas. The gaming in particular is going to touch many lives. Hardly anyone can resist an addicting video game. One in particular that has risen from obscurity to number one is Angry Birds. The game, as it stands, started out as a game for mobiles. It has to be downloaded. HTML5 will change that. With HTML5, all you do is access a web page and the game is automatically played. This frees up the memory space on your smartphone or other computer.




Email will be touched the same way. New HTML5 apps will take care of email much better than static web pages do now. You will be able to use a touch screen and check what you want to do with emails. You will be able have your own server ( computer ) with email ability and actually not have to see targeted ads anymore. Privacy will be restored, and hackers will be sad.




The social networking aspect will be greatly changed. There already exist Facebook alternatives that can be downloaded to your mobile phone ( Diaspora ). But with HTML5 you will have the creativity and imagination of a thousand Mark Zuckerbergs at your fingertips. How will you ever decide which is best ? Probably on services, because HTML5 will make the internet a place where you no longer have to download anything.




You will be able to watch video easier, listen to audio easier, create your own web site easily, all with the tools that HTML5 will provide to webmasters who will then provide them to you. Everything that currently has a “middle man” will lose that “middle man” and your cell provider will more than likely just be an ISP ( Internet Service Provider ), with help from HTML5. How can you help bring this about ? Simply by locating a web browser that is HTML5 compliant. They are starting to show up more and more these days.

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