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Youtube html5 Is Now Here

Youtube html5 is now here. If you have not yet experienced a video with html5 in your browser it is time to start. Read on for more information on youtube html5 here in a short article.

Html5 is predicted to be the replacement for flash files. Flash has been used for many years, going back for about ten years or more. Html5 is a brand new version of the html coding standard. You can consider it an updated version of the code that has been showing us web pages for years. Youtube html5 is the format of the code to bring the world this new way of looking at video from the new upgraded html(5) code. Think of it as a Ford Mustang, you have always liked them, but the first model was a lot different than this year’s. So it is with html. Version five is different from earlier versions. So far, it is going to take a lot of group effort to make html5 replace flash. It is certainly not going to happen this week.

Not every person who visits youtube will be able to experience youtube html5. Those browsers that can see it are those who can use something called H.264. So, what is that ? It is a codec standard. You can think of a codec as a format with code. That nearly, but not quite, makes the statement “codec standard” two words with the same meaning. The problem with using the H.264 standard is that you must pay to use it. In fact, you must pay millions of dollars to use it. Google, the owners of Youtube, have deep pockets so the millions were not a problem for them. Vimeo, another social video site has also developed an html5 video player. They have similar specifications for html5 as Youtube.

The Youtube html5 event started in January of this year. During that month Youtube began their experiment to use the ingrained abilities of web browsers to digest videos in html5 format. This does not include some older versions of Internet Explorer. It has been postulated that the new Windows Phone 7 system may not support this format. This is good for Google, who has their own mobile operating system called Android. Some say that Microsoft is isolating themselves from the rest of the mobile world, but the facts are that Microsoft did not say they would never support html5. They are just behind a bit.

There have been no recent developments in the youtube html5 scene. It is somewhat unreported news at the moment. One company is attempting to make it easier for web publishers to create html5 compliant video. Their name is “SublimeVideo”. They have also created some hope for lack of browser compatibility with their own html5 video player. They are a new company and are not finished with their product, but it looks promising.



The youtube html5 process will no doubt be helped as more visitors arrive to their site from smartphones. Mobile content on Youtube grew by 160% last year, so they are expecting big things in this area. Here is hoping the world will have a another video choice and be able to also use it.

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