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The HTML5 Website Is Finally Coming Into Its Own

The html5 website is coming into its own finally. The list of sites being created with html5 is growing daily. It is expected that this will become the normal way to create a website, thanks to the changing world. Read on to find out more on the growth of the html5 website.

While the developers of web apps and programs are feeling a little threatened by html5, there may be nothing to worry about yet. Most web browsers are used by people who know nothing about the code that goes on behind the web pages. The makers of the web browsers themselves should ( and are ) taking it upon themselves to send a note to those using their software. The note is to “update your browser”. The html5 standard, while lengthy, still needs to be adopted fully by those who create the tools used to access the web.

The problem is in who is going to go first. Those who are pushing it to be adopted are asking for a sea change in the web. As anyone who has been a part of a large corporation knows, change comes more slowly for large groups. Think of how large the internet is and you can see the problem more clearly. The more popular browsers only partially support html5. The only way to make it grow quicker is to market it better. Users of browsers for the most part do not know it exists !


The web consists of a few basic categories. If html5 is to fill them, it has to displace the tools that are currently filling and working in those categories. The brave people who are making an html5 website are trying to do that. Some of the categories become quite interesting in html5. The canvas tag becomes a tool for a web developer to allow people to interact with a web page. From video, to graphics, to game peripherals, this will be the place where it is done with html5. The canvas tag will make it happen. The popular topic of flash will be covered by support for video and audio streaming. The Youtube site already has a test area for this now.


Other sites will make use of new tags for forms, location, search engines, chat, and more. One that may be a game changer is the use of forums. The html5 format will make it easier to build and view those ever-popular places of interaction.


Where can some examples of html5 sites be seen ? Look around right here for some examples. If you have an updated browser, such as Opera, Safari or some newer forms of Firefox you are ready. If you have Internet Explorer, you may have to take your chances. Here is hoping they will update their browser, since they claim to support the new html5 standards.


If all this is greek to you, do not worry. The web will be changing to reflect the new standards and you will be enjoying it without having to understand it. Machines were created to make our lives easier. The code that runs those machines in the web is making that happen. Look for html5 to be the grandaddy change in the web while you are alive.

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