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HTML5 Developer – Don’t Miss The Train

If you are a web developer and you have a desire to dive into html5, now is almost too late. There are already people developing html5 applications and getting ahead in this new html format. Read on to discover what are the most popular questions being asked about html5 here in this quick article.

The first question many developers ask is; “What is html5 ?”. Basically it is the newest upgrade to html. HTML has been advancing, similar to programming languages. It is not itself a programming language like Java or C++, but may get there someday. For now, the tags are changing and specifications are being hammered out to include new tags such as the canvas tag, the command tag, datalist, nav, rb ( for the Ruby language ), keygen and others.

If you wonder if html5 can be used with older browsers, the answer is yes, but you must be careful. It is possible to degrade html5 for older browsers. Mixing the new tags with portions of CSS2 or CSS3 will make it more platable for those looking at a site through an older browser. It is also recommended that a developer make use of browser sniffer scripts to send visitors to the correct pages set up specifically for their browser.


What are the first things to learn in html5 ? Besides learning the function of the new tags, CSS3 is the companion of html5. Learning the new CSS standard will be the symbiotic helper of the web page created with html5. If you know javascript, learning a little ajax will not hurt either. After these things, simply getting to know how the total package works together would be enough to have a firm grasp on the ways and means of html5.


If you are asking; ” Am I late in learning html5 ?”, the answer is still; “No.”. You really do not see too many sites created in html5 yet, but they are popping up steadily. One area that will still need to be worked on is the mobile browser. Webkit is a popular browser that is modernized enough to take advantage of CSS3 and html5. But the Opera and Safari browser are the softwares currently dominating mobile surfing online. If your site is just for mobiles, look for iPhones to be a mainstay for traffic. Nokia comes in a strong third along with Blackberry devices. Blackberry recently adopted Webkit as their browser of choice.

If you dive into html5, you get the feeling that something is “on hold”. The W3C has been working on this new standard for at least two years. There are no real “standards” yet. The W3C says there are interoperability issues to be worked out. The train has not reached the station yet, when talking about html5. As such, the flash files will continue to do much of what html5 was planning on doing.

There is no doubt that html5 is backed by willing minds. The issue is to get everything ready for the deployment. The dive into html5 will be a drawn out one, but seems to be on its way to success.

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