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So, What Is HTML5 ?

The saying “HTML5″ is coming up more and more on the web. What is HTML5 ? Will it change anything in your life ? Read on to find out the answers to these and discover what HTML5 is.


The web has been changing constantly since its inception. The pages everyone opens and closes have been changing along with it. The name of the code behind every web page every person has ever opened is called html. If you know how to access the code, and the page is coded well, you will be able to read the html version at the beginning of the code. It will tell you what version ( level ) of html the page is using. Recently the version has advanced to the fifth level, which is appropriately called HTML5. HTML5 can legitimately be called the new language of the web.


Now that you know what HTML5 is, what will it do for you ? For one, if you are a casual user of the world wide web, even on a smartphone, it will make your experience more dynamic. HTML5 has new tags in its code that will make it easier for your machine to show you video, graphics, games and more things that developers will think of later. Since mobile networks have penetrated ninety percent of the world, those who have internet access on their mobile devices will also benefit from HTML5. This upgrade to the language of the web will standardize a lot of the code that is used to make your smartphone or feature phone deliver content without having to rely on third party software. Adobe flash will be one of those plugins that will no longer be needed in a browser.

Believe it or not, HTML5 was started back in 2004. Some say it was started one year earlier. The standards for this code may not be finished by 2022. Not to worry though, It is being used now by some visionary web developers. In fact, there are templates that are already created in HTML5 that can be bought now. One of the classic problems recently discussed by those who take care of html was whether or not there should be a space between “html” and the number “5″. With much ado, it was decided to leave the space out. If you find that funny, remember, geeks take it very seriously even if the rest of the world does not.

Thanks to geeks and nerds, we have a new web coming up in the next few years. It will spring up better than before. It will feature offline data storage, new ways of identifying headers of articles and cross document messaging. Cross document messaging may end up being a large security hole, but nevertheless, it is being developed. The war will continue between the flash camp and the HTML5 camp. So far, the “flash is a CPU hog” crowd is not all happy with the fact that at times HTML5 does the same thing. For example, a Safari browser used Flash 10.0 and used 23.22 percent of the CPU. The 10.1 version of Flash in the same browser only used 7.43 percent. This was tested on a Windows operating system. Will things like this prevent HTML5 from going forward ? Not a chance. It is on a roll, and those geeks and nerds are promoting it.

If you want to enjoy HTML5 fully you will need a web browser that supports it. Safari 4 is a very good way to do that. It also has support for CSS3, which is a standard that is symbiotic with HTML5. The next browsers to use would be Firefox 3.5, Google Chrome, and Opera 10, in that order. Where is the Internet Explorer browser ? They fail in most points in HTML5 standardization. They would not be a choice if you wanted to experience the new level of html.

The new language of the web is advancing and being coagulated to be understandable. Those who make the browsers to access the web should be doing their upgrading. It is assumed that the browser plugins that were used in the past will no longer be needed. The plugins will be part of the web, not the computer used to access the web. This will make it easier for all who do visit the web. HTML5 will then be known as a success.

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