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HTML5 – Why Are We Waiting… And Waiting… And Waiting?

What is holding up the HTML5 standard from being implemented ? It has been talked about for seven years, but just now at any length. Read on to discover more on the bottleneck that has developed in the new standard known as HTML5.




Since browsers have existed and people have used them to search for things on the internet, HTML has existed. The person who created the world wide web was Tim Berners-Lee, a physicist. He was instrumental in creating the HTML specification ( or standard ) that has now advanced to version “5″. He started the effort back in 1989. Now we have this latest version that has been talked about for a long time, but with not much traction or results. The basic problem is selfishness.




If you knew you could help the world, and there was no way the world could help you in return, would you do it ? Apparently, some people who work in video will not. The new HTML5 standard includes a new tag, the “video” tag. While browser makers are ready to follow the lead of the W3C and WHATWG, there are still challenges to full agreement on video standards. The two video codecs that were chosen, “Ogg Theora” and “H.264″ seem to have created a digital log jam. They can not decide on which codec, so none is being chosen.




The first, Ogg, is open source, and its business format is non-profit. It does receive funding from Mozilla, the makers of the Firefox browser. This, of course, would bias Mozilla, the maker of one of the world’s most popular browsers, to want this video codec standard to be the one that is chosen for the HTML5 standard. The second codec, H.264 is not open source nor a non-profit entity. It is maintained by the ISO Moving Picture Experts Group and those who want to use their codec must pay licensing fees. Currently, not many people want this one as “the” HTML5 codec, but the ones who do have deep pockets. They are Google and Apple. They claim that Ogg may have hidden patents and does not have the quality needed to be an HTML5 standard. That is the current state of affairs, with the “big guys” wanting H.264 and all the rest voting for Ogg Theora. Is this easy to fix ? Yes, it is. The ISO group just needs to lower their licensing fee to something ridiculously low, perhaps for one dollar. They also need to grant immunity of patent infringement to anyone who wants to license it.





The HTML5 standard is now estimated to be ready for the world in 2022. That is a sincere testament to the inflexibility of those who are influencing the standard. At the moment it is open for anyone who wants to contribute, but not many “everyday” people know that. The web is something started by two opposite lines of thinking, the US military ( ARPANET ) and Tim Berners-Lee, a man who believes in openness. Hopefully the outcome will convene sooner than 2022, since the world is waiting.

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