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Free HTML5 Websites

The internet is taking on a new form known as HTML5. Getting a free HTML5 website has now become one of the popular things to look for because of this change. Read more on how to have a free HTML5 website here in this short article.

A free HTML5 website is available to those in many categories. For example, one such category is for a design company. It will come as a template that has modern graphics. The code will be HTML5 and CSS3 compliant. A scripting program called jQuery would be able to make a gallery in the header of the website. A slider will come in handy for dynamic content. There are special formats for this. One is called “looped slider”. The browsers that this would service would be the more modern ones. Internet Explorer will need to be in the higher versions, preferably above version eight. Chrome and Safari browsers will be over version four. Firefox will need to be 3.6 and above.

For categories such as a music niche, a free HTML5 website will most likely be available. It could include those graphics of the crowds swaying to their favorite beats. One of those graphics will be of some of the modern music makers for DJs. A dual table LP player would be something along this line.



For photographers, a free HTML5 website will come in most handy. Most photographers want to stay up to date, and this type of site is without a doubt the newest code available. This type of photographic site will absolutely have a gallery. It should be a popup or automatically loading style similar to a lightbox format. The new standards will allow those who are viewing the site with an iPhone to not miss anything. IPhone users can not view flash in their handsets because of restrictions placed on them by Apple. HTML5 replaces flash for those who are using iPhones to access websites.

Free HTML5 websites are designed to be used by all who are connected online. Since more and more mobile devices are getting connected, it makes sense to have a website designed in the correct format, which is HTML5. Some people are predicting a surge of 400 million mobile devices with touch screens to connect to the web this year. This is close to twice the amount of mobile units from 2009. By the year 2013, if  things go on schedule, mobile use is predicted to surge to 58 percent of all who access the web. It is important to be prepared for the future.

If you need a free html website it is wise to get started now. A website using the old xhtml or CSS2 just will not do very much longer for those who will be using their smartphones online. Do some searching. There are almost always places online to get things for free instead of having to pay. HTML5 is much more interactive than the last versions of html that have been used in the past. Make a site that people can enjoy and they will come back again and again.

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