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Free html5 Video Player

One of the things smart people are looking for online is a free html5 video player. This is a new product that allows you to view flash content without actually having to have adobe products on your computer or mobile device. Read on to discover more on the topic of the free html5 video player.

 First, what is html5, anyway ? It is a new version of the code that makes up web pages. Web pages have been customized with different code for many years, advancing to where they are now, html5. Currently, the world is just figuring out what things should be included in the html5 “official” definition. This will be needed to be able to validate true html5 code from other code. Both the html5 and xhtml5 standards are being developed together, but this article will deal only with the former.

A free html5 video player has been produced already. For those who use Youtube, ( owned by Google ) and have the correct browser, you have already been using html5. There is no more need for flash for those who want to view Youtube and have a browser that supports H.264 encoded video. The html5 format on Youtube has a few negative points. You can not play a video in fullscreen mode. There is no closed captioning for the hearing impaired. On the positive side, there are no advertisments. There is nothing to download on Youtube for the free html5 video player, you just click on a link. The Youtube use of html5 is tentative and may not be continued if it does not get support from visitors.

 Google is not the only one giving away a free html5 video player. Vimeo is also giving one away. Vimeo describes itself as a “respectful community of creative people who are passionate about the videos they make”. It is setup as a social network also. You could describe them as a flickr site, made for video. Their html video player is restricted to the same requirements as the above player. Firefox 3.6 is not compatible with this free player because Firefox chose to use “Ogg theora” as their html5 video standard, not the H.264 standard. But Vimeo has their own mobile site.

This is a boon for those with smartphones. Safari or Chrome browser users will not have a problem with Vimeo’s site. So how does html5 stack up against the older flash videos ? Some say it loads faster than flash. Others say it is more search engine friendly. One thing for sure is that you will not need plugins from separate companies to play it. The people who make the browser you choose will be fully responsible for making html5 show up on your screen, whether it be on a mobile or something static.

 Now that you know what html5 is and where to find it, you are ready to use it. Think of it as “html version five”. The previous versions needed updating to include the upcoming mobile deluge. If you are a non-technical person, do not worrry. You know it will be taken care of by the geeks to everyone’s satisfaction. The free html5 video players that are out so far are automatically used for now and there is nothing to download. It is easy, so keep your ears open for the next advancement.

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