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Adobe HTML5 to Flash – Video for iPhone and iPad

The sound of HTML5 is music to the ears of those who enjoy Apple products. It means they can enjoy what they have been missing, once it finally is adopted by enough people. On the other hand, Adobe claims to have created a tool that converts from HTML5 to flash. Read on to discover the details of HTML5 and what Adobe may have created.


The Apple company is almost dead set against having flash files inside their browser. They have only recently loosened up a bit to allow flash in a secondary form on the apps that are used by their products. They allow developers to cross-compile to a format similar to flash that an Apple product is authorized to use. That is for those who do not choose to jailbreak their Apple iPhone or other product. Those who jailbreak an Apple device can run just about anything they want on their own unit. But, they are also considered traitors by Apple and may end up being considered in breach of contract.

Now Adobe has entered the picture and stated that they have made a tool that will bring their “dreaded” ( to Apple anyway ) flash files to an iPhone or other Apple product. It will actually bring flash to any browser that is not modern enough to accept the new “video” tag that HTML5 requires. If those who make browsers do not create their products to be HTML5 compliant soon, this tool could gain wide acceptance. That means iPhones or iPads or whatever gadget will be playing flash files, thanks to their users not upgrading to newer browsers. The fact that people are still using Internet Explorer 6 may make Apple shake in their boots. Internet Explorer 6 came out in August of 2001 !

Adobe claims that the tool they have made is an easy to use solution that uses CSS to do its work. If a browser that is not able to use the new HTML5 “video” tag comes across that tag, the change over to the original flash file will occur. In other words, if the browser can not handle the new “video” tag, the flash file will be shown instead. The screen format is not important. It can happen on a smartphone, a television, a monitor or whatever display is accessing the page.

HTML5 is many years off from being accepted in a big way by everyone. Flash has been accepted for many years already. Those who make browsers do not need to get together to decide if they want to use a flash plugin, they make their own choices. Not all say; “Yes”, but most popular browsers do accept flash. The market share for Adobe just went up four months ago. This is with all the negative pressure being put up against Adobe flash files. Clearly, someone needed to make a tool to ease the transition from HTML4 to HTML5 and its “canvas” and “video” tags. Adobe already stepped in to fill this slot, much to the chagrin of Apple leaders. Keep your eyes on the HTML5 versus flash fight. It will be boiling for the next few months, maybe more.

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