Some Negative Responses To HTML5

What happens when HTML5 is rejected ? The answer is; “Sometimes nothing”. The old standard is of course dying, but not everyone is jumping on board with HTML5. Read on to discover more on the subject of negative responses to HTML5. 


So why would someone not want to use HTML5 ? One reason would be the way it is presented. Some on the web call HTML5 and flash mortal enemies. They may be attempting to do the same things, but this does not make them enemies. It may, in fact, make them friends. The people who make flash have even included a tool to use when a browser is not compliant with HTML5. That is, if a browser comes across page that is written in HTML5 and the browser can not parse the “video” tag, Adobe has created a tool that takes the contents of the video tag and presents it in flash. The user of the HTML5 non-compliant browser can therefore put off upgrading their browser. Would that be classified as a rejection of HTML5 ? To proponents of HTML5 yes, but to Adobe, no. It would just be giving the web surfer another choice.

The above scenario does not really create enemies of HTML5, just sidesteps it. The response to the existence of HTML5 was definitely a negative one, but done in an innocent way by web users that are less internet savvy. That innocence disappears with some groups. Flash is expressly prohibited on Apple iProducts. The Apple CEO claims that it is the cause of the crashes of their Mac operating system. But now a small proof has popped up that people, when given a choice, are actually choosing flash over HTML5. A company called Greystripe is giving Apple users flash-based advertising. It is not just a small group. There are 30 million of them. Companies like Burger King, Buick, Corona and others are getting their flash based ads running on iOS ( Apple ) operating systems. Where is the HTML5 ? It is available, but purposefully left out by those paying for their ads.

Greystripe is the a leading independent mobile advertising network. They have the ability to give their customers ( Burger King, Buick, etcetera ) HTML5 or flash ads. They give them a choice which one they want to use. They are rejecting HTML5 for flash. As of this writing, most people still want their ads in flash. It could be that people are put off with the title; “HTML5″. It really means nothing to those who have never developed a web page, which is most of the world. Greystripe is letting Apple have their cake and eat it too; they convert flash ads directly to HTML5 ads. This keeps both the advertisers and Apple happy at the same time.

If flash is slow, HTML5 is also slow. Rejecting either one for the sole reason of speed is foolish. In fact, version 10.2 of flash is faster than the current ( 10.1 ) version. It uses ten times less processor cycles. So far, HTML5 is still trying to get around to choosing which video codec they want to support, much less trying to optimize for processor speed of its users. It has been rumored that companies like Time Warner and NBC are refusing to move up to HTML5. Costs are quoted as the reason for fighting the change.

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