popular HTML 5 Trends

As 2010 has ended, taking a look at some of the popular trends of the year show HTML5 was high on the list. Large companies are hoping it will support their businesses in the near future. Read more to find out the details on HTML5 and the new advances of the this web standard. A recent article on Businessinsider saw an editor with two smartphones. One ran android and the other ran iOS. Each smartphone was running an HTML5 app ( application ) that functioned faithfully like mobile apps. That was just this week and more HTML5 apps are being made as you read this. Webmasters are creating things using the HTML5 standard and a web page to do the same things those downloaded apps can do. What is making HTML5 so popular ? One is the fact that a person with a smartphone does not have to have a special operating system to download a special app. The browser, if it is HTML5 compliant, takes care of everything. Those who are less knowledgeable about the technical aspects of their smartphone just need to access a web page and everything is taken care of by the browser. The webmaster is the one who designs the program to fulfill the desires of the smartphone owner. The choice is made by the webmaster and the user of the smartphone as to whether or not the HTML5 is saved in the memory of the smartphone for use offline. Storing the information necessary for an HTML5 app to work offline is a great feature of HTML5. Firefox, Webkit ( comes in android and blackberry smartphones ), and soon Internet Explorer. Microsoft is taking a focus on HTML5 with their browser efforts. The storage used will need to be less than the storage used if the program was an actual downloaded app, done in a programming language such as Java or C++. This is possible with a good web developer. Microsoft is banking on HTML5. Google is banking on HTML5. Research in Motion is banking on HTML5. Microsoft in particular has created “pinned” website functions into its future web browser, IE9. This allows the user to pin a website to the taskbar in Windows 7 without starting IE9. The HTML5 app then runs. Content providers will create their own HTML5 app, and with IE9 and Windows 7, have something similar to RSS on their desktop. It is expected that the HTML5 will have more features ( richness ) than its RSS counterpart. Red bull is getting into the action with their own social media project. The CEO of Research In Motion ( RIM ) states; “We don’t need no stinkin’ apps!”. Getting rid of “control points”, such as downloaded apps, is the goal. No one needs an app for the Web. A direct connection to the internet will be able to do the same thing any downloaded app can do soon. How soon ? That is the question. The ultimate date is said to be 2022, but with the way things are headed, it looks like it will be much sooner.

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