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What can HTML5 do for me?

What can HTML5 do for me ? This is a valid question for those who have not been following this new web standard very closely. It can actually help you in many ways. Get some facts on what HTML5 can do for you here in this informative article.




Let’s start with what HTML5 can not do for you. One thing that HTML5 can not do for you is update your browser. If you are using an old browser including an old mobile browser on your smartphone you will not be able to benefit from HTML5. One of the most HTML5 compliant web browsers is about to hit the market. It is Internet Explorer 9. If you are a Windows user, you are going to want to upgrade to version 9 just as soon as it is available. Other versions for those who do not like Windows are Firefox 3.6.3, Google Chrome 4.1 and Opera 10.53.




Okay, back to the question; “What can HTML5 do for me ?”. This is a new standard that webmasters and those who make the web are hammering out. At the moment, it is so new that about all it will do is make some neat video and graphics happen on your computer or smartphone that did not happen before. But looking into the future, it is probably going to replace many of those apps that people are buying or getting for free from Apple or other mobile application markets. You do use your smartphone on the web, right ? If you do not have a smartphone, that is okay. You can still access some things on your PC, Linux or Mac using HTML5 that you will be impressed with.





One is document programs. Open office is a downloadable free software that allows you to use and create documents in popular formats. It is created in Java, a language and platform owned by Oracle. What if you did not have to download things like that ? If you wanted to modify and view documents and not have to download anything, HTML5 will be able to do that for you in the near future. The same goes for graphics. Your browser will be able to act like a downloadable program when HTML5 ( the W3C ) and webmasters finally get their heads together. One that is being worked on now is called Vworker. It is in development as of this writing.





The graphics programs that HTML5 will give your computer are also under construction. Without having to download anything, you will be able to see a page on your computer screen that works like Adobe Photoshop. It will be some time before it is as featured as Photoshop, but we are still looking at the future. More likely an online Paint Program will be popping up before something as elaborate as Photoshop is available. It is expected that Gimp, the free graphics program will be taking the lead in this area.




Look for other neat things to pop into your computer soon thanks to the new HTML5 standard. HTML5 is going to be worked on for quite a few years yet.

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